The objective of the network QUALITY is to bring together international teams in order to build a common strategy to define the quality of plant-based products, and to explore the best strategies to promote this public health tool. The consumption of herbal treatments is one of the primary type of care for the rural populations of countries in the intertropical zone. This type of complementary medicine, if not controlled, is a real threat to these populations due to the potential toxicity and inefficacy of herbal treatments. On the other hand, these phytomedicines, which could be cheaper, more easily accessible because locally produced and well accepted by a part of the population, can provide rapid and effective management of certain pathologies. This scientific network of 12 internationally recognized teams from West Africa, Peru and France will reconsider contextually the different approaches proposed to guarantee the quality of plant products, encourage the emergence of research themes to be strengthened together, facilitate the identification of formation needed for young researchers and the implementation of relevant and innovative projects, with the aim to structure collaborative and interdisciplinary research actions in a South-South and South-North way of collaboration.

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