Quality control

As with all processed products, there is a real challenge in guaranteeing the quality of plant-based health products. This is particularly true given that medicinal plants (i) have a variable composition depending on the environmental factors to which they are exposed, (ii) are in the majority of cases harvested products, leading to potential misidentification and contamination risks, and (iii) are raw materials sensitive to alteration.

To this end, the QUALITY network is involved in the research of specific identification markers, a kind of phytochemical fingerprint, for plant species. It produces monographs on medicinal plants. These documents bring together all the data on a botanical species, and can thus be used as a reference for quality control of raw materials and plant extracts. The QUALITY network also supports the creation of “quality control center” certified laboratories. Indeed, the development of this service offer is essential to support the deployment of quality regulations in the network’s countries.



Rokia Sanogo receives the Prix Galien Afrique 2021 for her work in traditherapy

4 February 2022

The Prix Galien Afrique recognizes excellence and innovation. It is awarded for products, services and initiatives that are highly convincing or promising, in the field of innovative discoveries and therapies at the service of humanity. To learn more about this award, click here. For the category "Best traditherapy product", Pr Rokia SANOGO, member of the GDRI QUALITY, was awarded this prize on December 11, 2021 in Dakar (Senegal), by the President of the Republic of Senegal. For more information, click here.

First workshop of the nework QUALITY – 2021, December 15 and 16th

1 February 2022

The first workshop of our QUALITY network took place on December 15 and 16, 2021, by visioconference. Here is the detailed program.  

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